Refresh… How?

Refresh… How?

As a rather new computer guy, I have found that I am somewhat limited in my interaction and activity on my laptop. I have realized I will be in trouble when I retire and will not be able to call Katherine in the Poplar Springs I.T. department when I find myself lost and confused in the world of computers. Kim is a former software programmer who worked with some small companies and eventually with IBM when I was in seminary. This was in the days when computers were the size of a small doublewide home. They were housed in climate-controlled rooms where there was much clicking, buzzing, and beeping along with blinking lights and large piles of folded paper. My, things have changed. We carry computers in our pockets and the piles of paper and blinking lights etc. have been replaced, I think, by keyboards and screens, and my very intelligent computer software expert spouse now asks her husband (the computer imbecile) questions about how to deal with dilemmas on our computer. Our new 7-month-old granddaughter Eloise will be able to give us a hand in 5 years or less but until that time arrives we will have some difficulty in navigating our high-tech world.

I have said all of this to emphasize my incompetence in the area of current technology. I have found one thing rather frustrating in my ten years of computer usage. It seems I can’t find the refresh button (or is there a key I don’t know about?). Regardless of the designation as a key or a hidden icon or a combination of pecks that result in a refreshed device, I can’t seem to find the recipe. Furthermore, if find it I don’t know what it does. Is it a deodorizer for a computer tarnished by sticky fingers and paws? Is it an app to clean up files or erase the bad stuff on your little laptop brain? Whatever it is I have come across it a couple of times when my fingers get crazy, and I have almost concluded that it makes your computer operate a little more smoothly. Recently I began having email issues and I decided to try REFRESH. I have yet to find refreshment for my tired laptop. I will ask Katherine or Nicole.

Have you figured out where I am going with this? I want to share a closing word about refreshment. Our young people are heading out to the NC Baptist Assembly at Caswell this week. Hopefully, it will be a time of refreshment and rejuvenation for what could be perceived as a group in need of this. They too have had to deal with pressures even though we often think they don’t have a care in this world. They have heavy school schedules made even more difficult by remote learning and other COVID-related issues of the past three years. They are also dealing with the pressures of adolescence and the problems associated with that awkward journey into adulthood. Pray that our young people and adult chaperones will find the refresh button. Oh, and by the way, Kim and I will be accompanying the group. Kim will ensure that I act like an adult so true refreshment can be accomplished.

Finally, it is summer vacation time ….find the time to refresh!

Andy o