Deserved Commendations

Deserved Commendations

This morning I feel led to offer some well-deserved commendations for services rendered to good old PSBC and of course our Maker, God Himself.

First, I think our interim search committee deserves a shout-out. Committee chair Randy McBride and members of the group Ben Brooks, Kerri Melton, and Heather Bryson did a superb job of securing a qualified, caring pastor for our interim. During a time when interims and pastors are hard to find our paths crossed with this compassionate servant of God who will be a great fit for our congregation. I believe God sent Tony Tench our way and I would like to thank our committee for being sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and thank you Tony for following God’s leadership in coming to Poplar Springs.

Next, I must mention my dear friend Keith Dixon who has been a pastor to me for many years. When he was a legend at Flint Hill and later as our associational Director of Missions, Keith was always my “go-to guy” and he never failed to deliver on his promises even when he was not obligated to do so other than the fact that he simply promised to help. Keith stepped in back in February to be the “preeeechur.” He has done a tremendous job of ministering to this congregation during these final months of my time here as pastor. Thank you, Keith!

My final commendation, for the time being, goes to Nicole, Katherine, Jessi Peeler, Mark Sterious, Kim Oliver, Billy Asis, and The Youth Group of Poplar Springs. Many people have heard stories of dreadful adults who don’t care for young people’s antics and adjustments. They more or less endure time with them rather than savoring and enjoying the moments with them in the struggle to grow and mature. Nicole surrounds herself with adults and parents who care about our young people. They will let them know when they are appreciated and when they need instruction but all is done in love and in a spirit consistent with the life and teachings of our savior Jesus Christ.

Parents, I was very serious when I told our kids Sunday to give their guardians a big hand for raising such great “young’uns.” Poplar Springs kids are exemplary in their behavior and Christ-centered in their approach to others in and out of the group. They even know the difference between play time and worship time. They are a great bunch.

When I first met Katherine ten years ago one of her first requests of me was to secure a church directory for her. She wanted to get to know her future congregation and she has done just that. Katherine got in “amongst” us and stayed there. She partners with Nicole many times in music obviously but also in the behind-the-scenes work involved with youth and children’s ministry. They make a great team and sometimes they let me help!

What can be said about Nicole other than we are so fortunate that she leads our youth and children. She puts in the time to make sure each child is seen as a valuable human being worthy of listening ears and words of praise and yes even words of correction. Nicole loves people and it is seen, not just heard in words of recognition and affirmation. It is real and it is evident and it comes from a genuine effort to live the life of a true follower of Christ.

Finally, this all comes about because we serve a supportive and encouraging congregation. Thank you, Poplar Springs.

Andy o