The Flay Carpenter Golf Tournament

The Flay Carpenter Golf Tournament

I quit playing golf, I believe it was on October 13th, 1993 at the Pine Mountain Golf Course at approximately 2:58 pm. I had consistently played on two fairways that day for each hole. My best shot was a drive that landed in the middle of a body of water. I was just pleased that the ball left the ground. Drives were supposed to do this but instead mine often just left a flaming trail on the earth beneath the small white ball. I realized in my situation at that time that I no longer needed to subject fellow participants to the dangers of playing with me nor could my Christian witness survive the rigors of my golfing expeditions. I was also concerned that the courses I played would eventually charge me for damages or require a deposit which they would return if the course was not permanently damaged. It was time to give it up though I did play in one tournament here at good old PSBC when I first arrived.

Aaron Edwards, Jim Petty, Jody Edwards, and yours truly were on a team together. It was a captain’s choice tournament, whatever that means. I just know when it came the time for the Captain to choose, my shots were never chosen. I never understood why you couldn’t exercise your options to play a ball from the family room in a house on the course or from the backseat of a passing convertible. I just know I did not contribute to the team. I had to leave after 9 holes and the team surged and finished in second place. That was the best choice the Captain made all day…to let me go home.

No, I am not a golfer. But maybe you are, and if you embrace the title we would appreciate your participation in the Flay Carpenter memorial golf tournament on June 18th. Find the information contained within this newsletter and see how you can be a part of this annual event, even if you had to give up the game for safety and religious reasons like I did. The funds collected will assist the Brotherhood group in meeting benevolent charitable needs in our community and in our church.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank you,

Andy o