The Pastor’s Therapy

The Pastor’s Therapy

For a part time job extrovert like myself, full time isolation is getting the best of me. But I believe after consulting our health promotion team and trying to keep up with expert health opinions nationwide, that the isolation is for our own good. I was corrected early in the pandemic process when I said in so many words… “I ain’t skeered of gettin’ no virus”. One of our health professionals corrected me… “What if you give it to someone else?”. Well I didn’t really think about that at that time. I was too busy trying to sound like a courageous hero.

That however does not alleviate my sense of isolation and I am sure you are experiencing some of these feelings as well. So in order to meet my social needs I will soon (hopefully) begin “driveway visitation”. What you may ask is that? I am not quite sure what this will look like and I foresee it as an evolutionary process of sorts as I practice a new concept… Distance Visitations. Right now I see it as pulling up into members and friends driveways and tossing up a hand and waving. If you will allow me to, let me share with you the interpretation of the aforementioned wave. It means:

– Hello dear friend.
– I miss you tremendously.
– I am praying for you.
– I love you!

So don’t be surprised if you see a black Ford Escape with a tiger paw on the hood to show up in your driveway. It’s just your pastor getting his therapy.

See you soon.

Andy O.