Prayers and Offerings

Prayers and Offerings

The Mother’s Day Offering for the N.C. Baptist Health has been a part of many N.C. Baptist Churches special offering menu for close to a century. For a number of years, if I am not mistaken, we called it The Offering For N.C. Baptist Hospital and I think for a few years the offering was combined with an offering for N.C. Baptist Retirement Homes and it was called the Homes and Hospital Offering. I gave to this effort for many years until the various N.C. Baptist agencies and service emphases and associated offerings became so numerous that I couldn’t keep up with them. Therefore, my giving became sporadic.

The hospital offering has always been a source of help for needy patients and families facing long recoveries and mounting and burdensome medical bills. I have read stories and watched numerous videos pertaining to this facility and associated systems and the ministry offered to others. It was great to see how the hospital system took care of patients’ bills and gave them hope and relief.

This year the offering became personal for me. I have been utilizing the services of this institution for the past 5 years and I will be trusting the talent and expertise of the Wake Forest Baptist Health Neurology team in August. In the information pertaining to this offering they asked for prayer May 3- 10. I would ask that you also pray specifically for Dr. Stephen Tatter and his team as they go, In Search of a Brain on August the 7th. Dr. Tatter and Co. will be probing the brain of one Rev. B Andrew Oliver looking for signs of advanced intelligence that could perhaps exist there. I will be filling you in on details as the months progress. But start praying… “cause I ain’t never had no surgery before”.

I am a Baptist Christian and now during the pandemic I play a preacher on TV. I hope that gets me a sizable discount.

Well anyway… I love you and miss you Poplar Springs.

Andy O