The Go-To List

The Go-To List

As we have noted numerous times, these extraordinary times will result in some tremendous opportunities to minister. I also, as you do as well, know that though times are stressful people often exhibit tremendous selflessness and generosity because we are all confronting a common enemy. The enemy in this case is the Covid 19.

A number of you are helping in the community in a variety of ways and some are seeking that area of service where they can connect. Let me make you aware of an opportunity that can come about without a lot of planning and preparation. It simply requires an element of generosity and an investment of time.

Recently (about a month ago) our church was contacted about helping those in need during our Corona Virus pandemic by NC Baptist On Mission. I took a leap of faith and said… “by all means call me or text me if you have a need”. Good old PSBC, I have confidence in you. Why? Because you are a caring congregation that takes the call of Christ serious. Yesterday I received an email from the aforementioned organization which stated that there was a need in Shelby and would I be willing to check on this particular family… a mother and her son. I called the person who’s number I had been given and asked for details and she told me her situation. She needed medicine and food. I called a number of our members who were willing to help and discovered numerous people would appreciate being asked to assist those in our community who are suffering.

So with this being said, who would like to help next time? Covid 19 is here for a while as well as associated needs related to it. I am starting a list of “GO TOOS”. These are folks who are willing to be someone for me to go to in the future. If you are interested, call me or see me.

Andy O.