The Connection

The Connection

I have been playing “musical cars” over the last year and you are probably aware of this as you have seen me driving a variety of vehicles. I drove a BMW for a while it was a great car that my oldest son owned for a couple of years and then he sold it to me. I, after a year of extreme driving pleasure, sold it to my youngest son who in turn sold it back to me a few years later. After a year of crawling out of this low riding vehicle I sold it to someone other than an Oliver. I then purchased my niece’s well maintained Toyota Forerunner; an SUV that I had been trying to buy for five years. I loved that vehicle but alas my limited future prospects got the best of me as I began to experience difficulty entering and exiting my dream car. My niece hinted that she kind of missed her Toyota, so I gave her a deal that she could live with and sold it back to her and her new husband as a second mode of transportation in their newly established home. I have found the perfect (if there is such a thing) vehicle which I hope to drive until I activate the speaker system on the gates of heaven as I say… “Burton Andrew Oliver… I’ve made prior arrangements”. It’s time my wife’s former vehicle and it was there all the time.

The little Ford Escape has all I need. Its easy to park. It gets good gas mileage. It has a backup alarm system to alert me if I am getting ready to destroy something hidden from my view. But here’s what I really like, it has a sound system that connects with my various digital playlists. I can listen to what I want to heat as opposed to repetitive radio programming. I can listen to “Andy’s Morning Jams” and “The Kim n Andy Collection”. I can also enjoy “My Soul” playlist and enjoy uninterrupted Marvin Gaye, The Four Tops, The Ojays, Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes… I have concluded that as long as I am connected to Blue Tooth I have a song in my car.

You have probably guesses my topic by now. “Old Andy ain’t jes’ doin’ a music review today, he’s talkin’ connections!” If this is your assumption you are absolutely correct and I will state my thought for the day briefly and succinctly:

Blue Tooth puts a song in my little black car much like God in Christ puts a song in my heart and the secret to attaining the music within? Get connected and stay connected.

It’s Holy Week and it will be rather strange this year as we probably will be observing this important time of remembrance connected on telephones and computers and the printed word. Keep this in mind as you spend time in reflection and in a variety of worship settings. God has not served the connection with you. In fact this could be the time to embrace the solitude, cherish the time of meditation and quiet worship, relive with the Savior’s last week on this earth as God in the flesh and by doing so improving your connection with him. I pray that this will put a song in your heart.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter… He is risen… He is risen indeed!

Andy O.