Spirit of Summer

Spirit of Summer

James Taylor sang a little tune and probably wrote it too and I find this little ode to the summer running through my mind every year about this time:

Summer’s here, I’m for that.
Got my rubber sandals. I’ve got my straw hat… Summer’s here, that suits me fine.
It may rain today, but I don’t mind.
It’s my favorite time of the year
And I’m glad I’m here.

I love summertime and the real J.T. (James Taylor not Justin Timberlake) expressed in song the feelings of your truly. I am always ready for summer. In fact, back in February we experienced a warm day and I personally declared that summer was in season and in session. It was a personal psychological trick to assist me as I coped with winter. I am not a fan of cold weather, snow, and bare trees beyond December 26th when my attitude goes to the curb like a dried up Christmas fir.

I will admit, the hot days do get rather stressful by November. But I’m okay with t-shirts and “bermoodas” weather until October. I like the laid-back nature of the season. You can get away with wearing crazy shorts and ugly shirts. People only point and giggle at your white legs, your crooked toes, and the ridiculous hat on your head for a couple of weeks in May, perhaps June, and then the spirit of summer catches on and people seem to be more relaxed and comfortable with their summer personas. We don’t feel self-conscious when someone says, “You look like your riding a chicken” or “You need to get a lawyer and sue those legs of yours for non-support” or “Where did you find that hat?” or, my personal favorite that I have used before when I run up on someone with a particularly colorful shirt, “I was wondering what happened to the curtains in our camper.”

Well anyway, I hope you catch the spirit of summer. Take the time to get away and enjoy time with the family and friends. Don’t apologize for taking a vacation. But do remain accountable and faithful to Almighty God in the process of enjoying His blessings during the warm/hot months. Thank him for the beaches, mountains, and lakes. Rejoice and be happy as you enjoy cookouts with friends or as you “tube” the mighty Broad River. And don’t forget the One who created this wonderful time of the year. Like the real J.T. (James Taylor not Justin Timberlake), I’m glad I’m here! Happy summer!

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