Memories and Tears

Memories and Tears

Memorial Day at Poplar Springs is a day when we honor those church members who professed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have departed this earth in the past year for the life that awaits them. Those persons were Grady Edwards, Sharon Bess, and Margaret Greene. Also, we had a number of family members and friends associated with our congregation to pass from our midst as well. During our time of remembrance, there will certainly be tears due to the fact that they are missed. But, if you will, allow those tears to serve a number of purposes.

Let the tears be tears of joy for having experienced life together. It’s true, we become somewhat perfect, even legendary when we leave a particular place. Mistakes were not as costly, flaws not as troublesome or aggravating. Habits of a friend or spouse that tended to disgust or fluster are missed. Hopefully when we depart this earthly home for the great beyond, we come to appreciate the whole imperfect person – warts and all – as we realize that in Heaven we will be perfected by the power of the Perfect One.

Let the tears be tears of appreciation, gratitude for legacies that linger for years like the ripples produced by a pebble tossed in a tranquil pond, thankfulness for lessons taught, stories told, and examples set. In the midst of our church Memorial Day we will offer some words of appreciation for those who sacrificed for our freedom as inhabitants of this great country of ours. Feel free to shed some tears for these folks as well.

As we shed tears on this day, there will surely be tears of regret as we think about words shared in anger, unresolved grudges, opportunities missed, and unspoken sentiments we wished we would have expressed. We have to leave these with Jesus and understand that those abiding in Heaven understand our weaknesses and imperfections and they are not plotting retaliation or scheduling guilt trips. They are instead looking upon the remorseful with Christ-like mercy and compassion.

As we are told in the scriptures, we are a people of hope. This means we are not like those who have no use for God and His plan for us. We come to a time of remembrance with optimism and confidence, joy, appreciation, forgiveness, and peace.

Praise God for His indescribable gift of salvation offered to us through the sacrifice of Himself, Jesus, Christ, God in the Flesh. Death is not the end and Memorial Day can be a celebration when we accept what God offers us in Jesus. Have you accepted the Gift?

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