“Lord send a revival and let it begin in me.” We have all sung the words to that hymn at some time in our lives. It is a reminder that we all need times of spiritual renewal.
Often when we mention a church revival, we perceive this as a time to reach out to all those sinners outside the church walls. It is seen as a time to harvest the lost souls out there who do not have a living, thriving relationship with God in Christ. But the hymn suggests that revival is for the church folk too!! It also suggests that we can’t bring about revival on our own. God sends, He gifts us with revival.
Yes, Christian need revival as much as anyone else. Service can get tiring. Christians, like anyone else, can grow weary in ministry and we can even grow discouraged in following Christ. We need a time to pause and allow God to nourish us with worship and a word. During scheduled revival meetings, we are afforded the opportunity to refocus on God and our purpose in His kingdom. We are given permission to allow God’s Holy Spirit to guide and energize our inner selves.
I don’t know about you but I need to be revived and renewed by Almighty God. I am asking that God will burden me with the remembrance of those in our community who need to hear about the salvations that comes through God’s son….Jesus Christ. I am also praying that I will be troubled enough to invite persons to come and hear the life changing words of revival. Never forget as we seek revival in ourselves and as we invite others to seek salvation in Christ, that reviving is God’s work and being here and getting others here is ours. Please continue to pray for Dr. Jim McConnell as he leads us in a time of renewal, March 20, 27, April 3, April 10. Pray that Poplar Springs and the surrounding area will be changed from the inside out. Finally pray that God will send a revival and “Let it begin in you and me.”

Lottie Moon