Gratitude for the Simple Things

Gratitude for the Simple Things

When was the last time you thanked God for clean water? I’m serious. Think about it. How often do we overlook simple blessings that we enjoy freely and abundantly here in America?

Many of you will remember when Rev. Michael Nhonya and Rev. Arnold Manasse from Tanzania visited PSBC. This is a picture of Michael with a $6,000 water project, the largest community development project that we have worked on together, which features a borehole well and a pump that feeds the large containers behind Michael. Several months ago, the government shut down the water system where Michael lives due to shortages. Michael and his entire community had to drive 1-2 hours one way just to fill up water containers. Because of the generosity of people at my dad’s church and others, Michael’s church is now a place where the community can receive clean water. Later this month Michael will hold a Water Dedication Ceremony. The community will gather with church members to celebrate this new well. Micahel will be able to share about the Living Water of Jesus through this project.

We have so much to be thankful for here at PSBC. Remember your homework. Make a short list of three things you are thankful for everyday for the rest of the month. Let’s spend some time intentionally reflecting on what we are thankful for.

God, I’m thankful for:




Grace and peace,


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