GOAT (Get Out Among Them)

GOAT (Get Out Among Them)

Goats have proven to be valuable commodities through the years. They are a source of milk that can be used for more than just drinking. I have heard of numerous folks who rent them out to individuals to clean up yards and fields that have been neglected for a period of time. A couple of days or weeks is all it takes for these animals to tidy up a vacant lot or an overgrown part of a person’s property . GOATS are even a part of professional and college sports. A GOAT is also an athlete considered to be Greatest Of All Time: GOAT. Some examples would be Horace Grant of the Chicago Bulls who made Michael Jordan look like the greatest of all time. Dwight Clark of the San Francisco Forty-Niners gave Joe Montana the appearance of GOAT…hood. Trevor Lawrence is a future GOAT and Travis Etienne is a GOAT for sure. The fact that these individuals all have Clemson connections has no bearing whatsoever on the opinion of this most humble, unbiased pastor. I have just said this to make a point about GOATS:  

  • They are versatile.
  • They are hardworking.
  • They are valuable.

    I had the privilege of working with a group of what I will call GOATs on Saturday. I have a dear friend who is fighting the battle against Cancer at the present time. I wanted to do something for the friend and her family so after I left a visit with her I suggested to her daughter that I would be willing to clean up their yard if it would help them. She said she would call if needed but she didn’t anticipate requiring any help. I was texted later in the day with a message saying she would appreciate the assistance. I had to scramble rather than panic because this was a bigger job than I was capable of completing alone. I needed three or four GOATS. These are church members who believe in service to the community and who are available to accomplish duties like the one I committed to . GOAT does not mean “greatest athlete of all time “ in this case even though their work and assistance is priceless. In this case GOAT stands for a follower of Christ who ……Gets Out Among Them …..”Them“ being those who have needs. This is one who makes it his or her mission to take Jesus beyond the walls of the church house. It is to be a servant in the church , the community and the world . It is giving god the glory when we “get out amongst ‘em “ …..serving …..helping ……visiting .

    This past Saturday four GOATS showed up at the home of my frail friend and we went about the business of getting the yard in shape for family and friends who would be stopping by in the days ahead…..three “more seasoned” (some would say old) GOATS (Ed Clontz, Hugh Williams ,and yours truly ) and one young alpha billy GOAT (Andrew Day ). We all shared a belief that most in our congregation subscribe to…service is of utmost importance and God calls us to Get Out Amongst Them. I have another project in mind in the coming weeks before my upcoming surgery. I’m looking for GOATS before I commit. If you want to be a part of the herd, flock, or whatever you call a bunch of goats ….give me a call.

Andy O.