Fresh Interpretations

Fresh Interpretations

Over the next couple of weeks on Sunday you will be treated to a variety of great speakers. I will be recovering from surgeries on November 20th and December 9th, and in my absence you have a tremendous opportunity to hear some other voices. It’s healthy for a church to hear different perspectives and fresh interpretations of God’s word. I am praying for those who will be leading the service in my absence. We will continue to have the great music (and hasn’t it been wonderful) and the gracious spirit of fellowship and love and care that typifies the worship experience in the PSBC community. I am truly going to miss it. But I hope to be back in the saddle on December 27th.

Carson Putnam is a good friend and Minister to Youth and possibly miscellaneous at Zion Baptist Church in Shelby. I have known Carson for a number of years. I first got to know this gracious and approachable young man when he played on the Crest tennis team with my youngest son Ethan. I liked Carson from the “get go.” He laughed at my old jokes and he feigned interest in my many oft repeated anecdotes. I have told you before…if you laugh at my jokes or even just endure them you are a friend. Carson fits in that category. Make him welcome on November 22nd.

Jim McConnell is a professor in the Divinity School at Gardner-Webb. He is a well qualified New Testament scholar who explains the scriptures and interprets the accompanying applications very effectively. I have told some of you that I tend to be somewhat tense and anxious around the intelligent. I lose my fragile confidence, my speech is strained, and I deal with an inferiority complex that informs me of my many shortcomings in my calling. The neat thing about Jim is…he is smart, he is a friend, and he keeps me awake. This is saying something. Jim will be with us on November 29th. Treat him like PSBC family.

It is always great having Keith Dixon preach for us. Keith is a local legend and member of Poplar Springs. Keith is the former pastor of Flint Hill Baptist Church in Shelby and the former Director of Missions for the Cleveland County Baptist Association. He is currently area representative for the Baptist Retirement Homes of North Carolina. Keith drives all over the state eating lunch with pastors and staff sharing the message of the ministry of this tremendous organization with churches across the state. He does more than eat lunch but I had to put that statement in my description. Keith is a great friend and you will be blessed by his message on December 6th.

Aaron Hinton is a member of Poplar Springs and a gifted communicator. He is a part of the Church and University Relations team at Gardner-Webb, and he has a title but I am afraid I could get it wrong and I have to get this article to Gilina. Aaron is a deacon at Poplar Springs and has filled the pulpit numerous times in my absence. He always presents a thought provoking and insightful message and I don’t expect that he will deviate from that standard. I may try to sneak into church on that Sunday if I am permitted to do so. Be here to worship with Poplar Springs and Aaron on December 13th.

On December 27th, Wesley Smith, former Youth Minister with your Pastor at Sandy Run Baptist Church, former Youth Minister at Boiling Springs Baptist Church, former Director of Missions for the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association, and current Director of Missions for the Three Forks Baptist Association, will be our preacher. Wesley is friend of Poplar Springs and will be coming all the way from the North Carolina High Country to bring the word. I may try to sneak out that day and attend just to make sure he is on good behavior.

Pray for these who will be filling the pulpit of this wonderful congregation over the next weeks. I hope to be back with you on December 27th.

God bless you Poplar Springs,
Andy O.