Trial and Error

Trial and Error

Since November, I have been in a season of trial and error as I sought different ways (with the guidance of the fine medical staff at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem) to get my rather suspect brain back into working order. The process has been frustrating and at times quite discouraging. Medicine has always been a challenge. But now I am trying to figure out the proper combination of medication and machinery since I am now battery operated. Needless to say there has been a lot of trial and error and I am starting to figure out the needed combination. I am encouraged at the present time.

The past year has been a time of trial and error as we have dealt with what for many of us has been our first pandemic. It has truly been a learning experience for most of us as we have learned new ways to shop, as we have discovered ways to enjoy meals in our cars and as we have invented awkward approaches to greeting friends and neighbors in the community.

We have had to employ the trial and error method to doing church, and I say unapologetically we have erred on the side of caution and health. I believe that has been the right thing to do for this past year. But the time is drawing nigh for us to get back with the program here at good old Poplar Springs and we hope to do so on February 7th barring any unforeseen circumstances. As we prepare to ease back into church activities we do so realizing unforeseen circumstances are commonplace in 2020/2021. I can remember when it was said that this pandemic could last even into the fall of 2020 and school attendance would most probably return to normalcy around September. I had the virus in July. It was an unforeseen circumstance due to the fact that I thought I simply could not get it though other folks. I tried a mid July beach trip and erred on the side of miscalculating contagiousness and my susceptibility to the ailment. I take unforeseen circumstances seriously now.

So with much prayer and with a healthy dose of caution we are going to open up on a limited basis on February 7th, Lord willing. I appreciate your patience during this most difficult time and I look forward to seeing some of you the 7th. If you have health conditions that concern you or if you are simply not comfortable returning at this time please stay home and watch the service on television and I will look forward to seeing you soon.