To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern

I was cutting my grass on Saturday evening when a black Acura SUV slowed to a stop in the road beside my lawnmower. This family was so friendly and the young lady driving the vehicle had an enthusiastic smile which was made even more pleasant as the kids in the backseat began rolling down the windows and even opening their doors to speak to the old guy on the turf tractor. The late afternoon sun was in my eyes, my glasses were dirty, and I am blind as a bat on a good day so I still don’t know who this family was. I spent the weekend trying every psychological trick in the book to relax my mind and open the files in order to determine who comprised this joyous brood. My biggest regret was, I didn’t cut off the mower and ask who are you? But I own a mower with issues. If you shut it down there are no guarantees that the yard chomper will continue to fulfill its purpose. So with this being said… thank you anonymous family in the black SUV! You made my day.

This family, though I don’t know who they are, made me feel appreciated and loved. I was dirty, smelly, and tired. My body hurt from lifting concrete blocks, digging holes, and planting flowers. I had painted earlier and my shoulder was hurting from the repetitive rolling of wall covering on drywall. But it was a good tired. I had achieved some Saturday goals. The cherry on top was the roadside visit.

Christ said when you do good for someone or if you help a neighbor you don’t publicize it. In fact, he said… “your right hand should possibly be oblivious to what the left hand is doing”. You just go out into the neighborhoods and countryside and spread the joy, the goodwill, and the mental healing that comes from making contact with another. During this unprecedented isolation a driveway visit or a roadside “howdydoo” mean something.

Thank you anonymous Acura family and thanks to all who choose to be positive and uplifting during this challenging time! Finally, if the inspiration for this newsletter chooses to reveal their identity it would be greatly appreciated.
You are loved.

Andy O.