Some remarkable and memorable events occur when we are pushed…..
I had the ride of my life when as I sat at the top of the snow covered Crest Middle School hill. I was pushed by a member of our sledding entourage. My plastic snow craft was seated securely atop this popular winter gathering area when I requested some initial assistance. The precipitation was icy, the air was cold and the slope was in optimal condition as my little plastic disc containing a 45 year old daddy, who should’ve known better, started down the hill. I was gaining speed when I hit a snow ramp some of the kids had created and became airborne for a couple of seconds only to make landfall on an even icier stretch of ground. I accelerated and soon discovered I was on my way to an abrupt encounter with a small ditch which was navigated with ease, sending me toward the road. Fortunately, no vehicles were en route to Boiling Springs at the time of the crossing. But on the other side of the highway there was a creek. As I dug my heels and what was left of my fingernails into the snow and ice pack, I managed to avoid a refreshing mid-winter dip. This tremendous experience occurred because I was pushed. What a thrill!

The delivery room was somewhat warmer than the Crest hill. The circumstances which brought us to this place and the effort involved insured that our environment was downright hot. Kim and I had been there for a while. We had long since abandoned all the techniques we learned in our birthing class concerning pain relief during contractions. Kim had resorted to pulling my arm out of its rightful place in my shoulder socket whenever the pre-born Benjamin Oliver made his presence known. Soon the word came from the doctor who would usher our first born child into the world….Push!!!….and I became a father and Kim became a mother because she cooperated when she was encouraged to push.
Today’s word from the pastor is……Push! This Sunday is our day to receive the offering to reduce our loan amount to one million dollars as we finalize our financial arrangements. We need $60,000 this Sunday to place the final loan amount at the desired number. I believe we can do it! And I am simply offering a push to get us in the position to achieve the objective. In my previous newsletters, I have shared our church goal with you…60K. I have also informed you of my unofficial “Make a Statement” goal…..70K! Allow me, if you will, to give you a little push. The process of building began with a small nudge approximately ten years ago and it has been an exciting ride as we have seen God work wonders along the way. Another push occurred around five years ago and has resulted in the birth of a new addition to the Poplar Springs campus which will be used for the glory of Almighty God as we minister to the community and the world in His name.

I’m gonna offer one more push and it comes in the form of a challenge. Let’s get $70,000 on Easter Sunday and together let’s push for a paid-off addition in less than ten years. I will close with a with a quote from Forrest Gump…. “That’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

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Holy Week