Is Your Faith Charged?

Is Your Faith Charged?

Kim and I purchased a vehicle back in 2013 which I am currently trying to sell. In order to keep the mileage on the car in a reasonable mileage range, as well as make it somewhat more attractive to a potential buyer, I am letting the car sit idly in my driveway. I have learned over the past few months that this is not my best option. I rediscovered something I was already aware of in the process of not using my surplus and available automobile. The lesson relearned is that an unused vehicle will lose its charge. I found this out the hard way as I had need of the aforementioned vehicle only to be disappointed when it was not available because of a dead battery. This is a perfect illustration of ….”If you don’t use it …you lose it!”

Oswald Chambers once wrote something like this in “My Utmost for His Highest”. This is the Andy O paraphrase: We must always possess an active, updated faith. In other words, we can’t just turn it off and on. It needs to be nourished, developed, and acted on regularly in crises, service, and in life as a whole. If we neglect our faith and take it for granted it loses its power and we could find ourselves weak, hopeless, and useless when we need to call upon our faith.

It’s kind of like my idle vehicle. It dies when it just sits there and so does our faith. God expects us to act on our commitment, venture out and attempt the impossible, do what God is calling you to do today and expect him to accomplish his purpose in you. Faith is recharged through usage and to let it sit idly by is to insure that you will be uncharged and unusable when the time of decision or crises comes about.

Let’s consider our faith today. Are you and I using it or have we just cleaned it up and put it on display? What is God calling you to do today? Is your faith charged?

Andy O.