Childhood Bible Stories

Childhood Bible Stories

If you haven’t been able to join us in worship for the past several weeks, Andy has begun a sermon series entitled “A Summer of Stories”, in which he takes us back through some of the Bible stories we grew up hearing about as a child. You know these stories: Noah, David & Goliath, Gideon, Moses, Jonah; these are the stories my own daughter is beginning to learn about and they are the stories that most of us re-call as ‘childhood bible stories’. These stories still teach us as adults about the nature of God and how he interacts with us, even now.

As we hear all of these various stories again this summer, I hope that we will be reminded of another important truth – that God is writing other stories for us to share: our own. One of the common factors in all of these narratives from the Bible is that God chose to use ordinary people to do extraordinary tasks. David was a small boy when he took on mighty Goliath…Moses had a speech impediment and was asked to lead a nation of people…Noah was quite old and tasked with building a pretty large life raft…

None of these people had advanced degrees, large bank accounts or unique skills that made them worthy to be used. But God chose them, and through them, He showed the world HIS greatness.

No matter who you are or what circumstances you find yourself in, God is using you to write a story, another narrative of an ordinary person being used for the Kingdom. Don’t keep this story hidden. Share it! Tell others about your awesome God and what he is doing in your life!

-Rev. Katherine Asis