Be The Church

Be The Church

Thank you Nicole for the superb newsletter article last week. I am so blessed to serve on a cooperative staff team that believes that teamwork in the Lord’s service is much better than a weekly competition for staff member of the year. I learned the value of a ministry team quite a few years ago and decided that the church staff that works together gives the church a good name.

Speaking of a good name….the church is in a position to give almighty God a good name during the Coronavirus crisis, as we cooperate as a team to meet needs in our community and even around the world. Now is not the time to begin a competition for…

– Best live stream church service
– Best vocal performance by a duo, trio, quartet, quintet, or group less than ten
– Best instrumental, piano, or organ performance
– Best sermon before an empty sanctuary
– Best pastoral Facebook chat

Now is not the time to:
– Stockpile toilet paper
– Hoard hand sanitizer
– Clear the meat and poultry coolers
– Turn your home into a diary warehouse

This is a time for The Church as a whole to shine and build each other up (and share) as we get God’s work done in a most challenging situation. I have never been a part of a global pandemic or at least I don’t think I have. But I believe its an opportune time to give the Christian faith and God a good name. Pray for the churches in our community as they seek to reach out to those we are told to stay away from. Pray for the churches around the world who have it worse than we do. Call me naïve or uninformed but I believe we will be stronger congregations when all of this is over. Brothers and sisters in Christ let me encourage you to go out and Be The Church.

Andy O.