Additional Sundays Needed

Additional Sundays Needed

In Joshua chapter 10 you can read about God extending a day in order to facilitate His man Joshua’s victory over the Amorites. These Amorites are not to be confused with the dreaded stalactites who were always hanging around…..but that’s another story for another day. Well anyway, I was wondering if God was able to extend just one day if it would be possible for him to give us a couple of extra weeks in April and May due to the fact that we have entirely too many emphases for the weeks He’s already provided.

First, we don’t want to lose our focus on Easter and the celebration of our risen Savior. This is what our faith is all about and it doesn’t need to get lost amongst all of our other needed activity. Hopefully you are already pondering this most sacred event in your personal prayer and devotional times but your church will be providing other opportunities as well. Palm Sunday is April 14th and on this day which commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, we will acknowledge this somewhat misunderstood situation in the life of the Christ and what it meant for Him and what it means for us today. We will also be baptizing on that day. Sam Sterious and Hayden Bradley will be entering the waters of baptism and keep in mind the water is available for others who may sense the leading of God’s spirit in the days ahead. Also on Palm Sunday, there will be an Easter Egg Hunt for our children which is always quite a bit of fun. You will not want to miss our Holy Week Service of worship and communion on Wednesday, April 17th. This is a combination worship experience when we include the elements of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday in a Wednesday night worship experience. The more traditional brothers and sisters may consider this to be heresy but at PSBC we consider it a necessity and call it our Maundy Thursday Good Friday Wednesday worship service and trust that God will understand. On Easter Sunday, we will have the usual full morning – 7:00 am Sunrise Service (and this year we may convene in front of our new church addition), 7:30 am breakfast in the FLC, 8:30 am Sunday School, and 9:30 am Easter celebration.

Easter is a priority but we don’t need to forget that we have a new facility to pay for and dedicate to the service of God. On March 31st, we will hear from our Building Committee and Finance team as they share with us about the facility itself and the faith challenge to reduce the monetary obligation of PSBC with a special offering to be received on Easter Sunday and don’t forget our building dedication on April 7th.

The weeks after Easter promise to be just as active….. Mother’s Day and Baby Dedication – May 12th, Children’s Musical – May 19th, Memorial Day – May 26th and then summer begins.

I don’t see God providing a couple of extras Sundays to catch our breath though he could if he chose to. I guess we need to just hang on and read our church bulletin and newsletter and keep a pencil and piece of paper handy.

God Bless.

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