A Christian Greeting Suggestion

A Christian Greeting Suggestion

In Second Corinthians, Chapter 13, verse 12, Paul exhorts those in the Corinthian congregation to, “Greet one another with a Holy Kiss”. In today’s culture, expressions of affection can be misinterpreted , awkward, and sometimes even illegal. We are in a day and age where caution is a sound decision when evaluating “touchy” situations. It’s particularly difficult for me and I am sure others who are apt to side hugs, put an arm around a shoulder or slap a back.

I think I have a solution to the “Holy Kiss” conundrum for those who are stoic, introverted, quiet, inaccessible or for those who are weird and socially awkward, like yours truly. I am suggesting greeting with, “The Holy Click”. The universal expression, which includes, a pointed finger, a clicking noise made with the teeth, tongue and gums, which can be concluded with a grin and simple word…”Gotcha”. This is a gesture with a rich history. It was perfected by Gomer Pyle’s brother, Goober, on numerous episodes of the Andy Griffith Show and has been used by a number of individuals through the years. I once even saw Paul Newman point and click David Letterman from the audience during an airing of Letterman’s Late Night Show many years ago.

The “Holy Click” will work perfectly in a congregational setting:
– You see an individual or group you haven’t seen in church for quite some time. Point..Click..Gotcha! This means I see you and I am glad you’re back!
– Let’s say a person invited you to church shows up and they are in the parking lot and the preacher has you hemmed up at the door talking college football. Just.. Point.. Click.. Gotcha! The implied sentiment is, “I can’t get to you now, but I know you’re here”.
– Perhaps you are face to face with an individual in your church family and you can’t think of a clever greeting or your mind goes to the blank screen. Just.. Point.. Click.. Gotcha.. And it can mean, “I love you”, “You are a friend”, or “My team beat your team last night.”

The applications are endless. Greet each other with a Holy Click! The recipient will know what you mean.

In closing, I will just say whether you click, gesture, speak, smile, or even if you take the risk and hug someone. Make those you see feel loved and appreciated. Paul’s point is that we make the effort to greet one another.

If you are in need of a proper illustration of, “The Holy Click” see Jimmy Queen or Doug Francis. For both of these Servants of God, the Click is not just a greeting; it is an art form and a spiritual gift.

Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday, Sunday, at Ingles, at the Post Office…

Andy O.