A Blind Date Gone Good

A Blind Date Gone Good

My future sister-in-law, Pam, attended Appalachian State University with Kim Hodges who later became Kim Oliver. In fact, they were roommates for a period of time. It was Pam who arranged the blind date that led to our marriage three years later!

It all started when Pam suggested to Kim, who had been in a rather lengthy relationship, that she might want to meet her boyfriend’s brother who was coming out of a serious two-month Myrtle Beach romance. She suggested to my brother that Kim come spend the weekend with her in Gaffney where we could hopefully enjoy some time together. Being Kim’s friend, Pam did not want Kim to be blindsided by what she was getting into. She informed my future spouse that I was not in my right mind, that I had a crazy eye that had a tendency to look in a variety of directions, and that she would need to be aware of the fact that I was looking at her when I wasn’t. That’s not the ringing endorsement that I had hoped for, and Kim probably thought it was just lighthearted commentary to make this blind date an item of concern. I was, in turn, told a number of questionable facts about Kim to make me somewhat apprehensive about the upcoming encounter as well.

We did what any Baptist would do on our first date. We went on a mission trip to a popular disco in Spartanburg, SC where we listened to music and even participated in some interpretive movements on the dance floor. Baptists don’t dance (Hezikiah 4:16). Kim discovered something that night, October 14th, 1978. Her blind date companion was indeed crosseyed and he couldn’t dance! I discovered something that night as well. I found the love of my life!

This Sunday we celebrate our 40th year of wedded bliss (or something like that). Make sure you tell Kim how fortunate she is. I am getting tired of reminding her.
I thank God for forty great years!

Andy O

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