Sunday Activities

Sunday Activities

Sunday Activities
Sunday School – Small Groups
Something for Everyone

Toddlers and Babies – (Under 3 years old) Cribs and loving adults keep watch over these precious infants until they become mobile. Play time and children’s stories about Jesus from caring teachers along with a small snack and juice are part of the Sunday School hour. Look for the yellow colored door for babies and toddlers.

Pre-school –(3 – 5 year old) follow a curriculum from Group Ministries to help these pre-school children get acquainted with God and Jesus. Let’s not forget play time and snacks as well. Look for the orange colored door.

Kindergarten – use a Group Ministries curriculum tailored for children that are in their first full year of school. Teachers spend time with lessons that include activities to lead these new school age students in learning about the Bible and Jesus. Look for the turquoise colored door.

1st and 2nd Grade – use Lifeway Gospel Project curriculum using Bible based exercises and study to enable this age group to learn about the Bible, Jesus, and the church as they grow and develop a relationship with the Lord. Look for the red colored door.

3rd through 5th – Teachers energize and challenge these older Elementary age students using Bible stories and studies from Lifeway Gospel Project curriculum. Look for the green colored door.

6th through 12th –These middle and high school students are divided according to age using Smyth & Helwys “LIVE” online curriculum. These studies are aimed at teaching teens the beauty and relevancy of Scripture and how it applies to today’s teens

Young Adults – (Late teens- 20’s) For those out of high school but aren’t yet married with a house, a picket fence, and 2.5 kids, this might be the place for you.  Kaye and Matt Harris are leading this class, located in the old children’s area downstairs.  Anyone is welcome but especially those who are looking for a class that isn’t (un-officially) a couples class.

Career Class – (Late 20’s-50’s) This co-ed class utilizes the Smyth and Helwys “Uniform” curriculum. This class is primarily made up of couples in their 20’s to 50’s. Most couples in this class have school age children. This class is located in the Family Life Building.

Shepherd’s Flock – ( 30’s-50’s) This co-ed class has independent study based on topics found in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship “Nurturing Faith” curriculum. There is no hard and fast rule for age in this class – ages range from 30-50. This class meets in a classroom behind the church sanctuary.

New Fellowship – (50’s +) This is one of the three classes in the Family Life Building. Again, although there are no age limitation rules for this co-ed class, members range from 50’s to 70’s. This is class uses the Lifeway “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.

Original Couples – As the name implies, this was one of the earliest established couples classes at Poplar Springs. That said, there is no age restriction in this class. This class meets in the Family Life Building and uses Lifeway “Explore the Bible” curriculum.

Russ/Ledford – Although the age of these men is primarily 50+, all are welcome. Located downstairs in the old children’s area, this class utilizes the Lifeway “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.

Angels at Heart – Women of all ages. This class is also downstairs in the old children’s area. This class uses the Smyth and Helwys “Connections” curriculum.

Gracie Bishop – ( 60’s + Ladies) This all ladies class is upstairs close to the church elevator. All women are welcome to this group of friendly ladies. This class uses the Lifeway “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.

Ladies Bible Class – (Senior Ladies) The class is located across the hall from the Gracie Bishop Class. These ladies use the Lifeway “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.

Men’s Fellowship – (Senior Men) The class is located on the same level as the Gracie Bishop and Ladies Bible classrooms and is across the hall from the church History room. These gentlemen also use the Lifeway “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum.

Although all of the groups are split in accordance with age, anyone is welcome to join wherever they feel most comfortable.