When There’s Fire… Everybody Grabs a Bucket

When There’s Fire… Everybody Grabs a Bucket

My dear friend, Steve Austin, used to say when we worked together at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church many years ago, “When there’s a fire everybody grabs a bucket!” The gist of his comment has been a part of my approach to teamwork since Steve made this very timely statement. It means if you and your team, your coworkers, your friends, or your church are in a pinch, everybody pitches in to deal with the situation.

I have offered the aforementioned explanation due to the fact that we are currently dealing with an easily solved problem. Let me explain. Our conscientious and very capable office manager Vickie Elliot does a tremendous job for Poplar Springs, and her selfless service is much appreciated. Her Mondays are always quite hectic with financial responsibilities and other assigned duties and as of late there have been some other added stressors. Your personnel committee and your church staff made the decision to all “grab a bucket.” So on Monday mornings, you will see some new faces in the reception area of our church office. The faces will be those of Rev. Katherine Asis, Children and Youth Specialist Nicole Hamrick, and Thee Right Most Reverend B. Andrew Oliver. You will be greeted with a smile and a suggestion that we might be able to assist you should you have a pressing need. We will insist that Vickie close her door and be unavailable for a couple of hours so she can take care of her appointed duties on this rather busy day. But as I write this newsletter she has ignored my suggestion that she do that. I did allow treasurer Floyd Queen into the inner sanctum due to his needed attendance to financial issues with Vickie on this “Crazy Monday “which happened to be Tuesday this week due to the Fourth of July holiday.

This gives me, Katherine, and Nicole an opportunity to not only enjoy a new experience but to assist a valuable part of the Poplar Springs team. Next Monday should you arrive at or call your church office please understand you may hear a new voice or see a different face, and if it is a pressing need and you must see Vickie the password is, “Hootie Hooo.” Otherwise, you may be denied access in a most courteous way. Please understand this will only be on Mondays or other first days of the week which may come about due to holidays or other occasions.

Katherine, Nicole, and I appreciate the work Vickie does and you do as well …let her know and place a note of encouragement in the office door when you have the opportunity.

I appreciate you Poplar Springs Family. You have grabbed many a bucket since I have been here and in years past ….thank you!

Andy O.