Read Last Week’s Newsletter

Read Last Week’s Newsletter

Last week I shared with you that I was taking an inventory of our various church activities in the community and mission efforts not only in our state but nationally and internationally. The intent is not that we put out a list with the headline …LOOK AT US, AIN’T WE GOOD!! Instead, I feel it would be good to know where we are making the presence of God known, and where we could devote some of our efforts to other areas of service.

What I hope for is that we can (during the summer…in cooperation with the nominating committee) put out a survey of what your interests might be and if you would like to be a part of a particular ministry. There is plenty of service to be done and often we become overwhelmed in our church by the vastness of need, and we don’t know where to begin. It is the hope of our deacons and church staff that we don’t just create a busy church. YOU ARE ALREADY BUSY!!! But we would like to connect you to the needs we have in our midst and how you can help. Church is about worship and service and we want to do both well.

Many of you are probably saying… “We have a nominating committee! What do we need this effort for?” The nominating committee finds leaders and teachers for our congregation and they do a tremendous job. They meet throughout the year to pray and seek God’s guidance in finding qualified servants. They don’t just meet in August and blindside victims with “if you don’t do it nobody will.” The nominating committee does its job. But a friend once told me… “ministry happens in the interruptions.” This is an accurate assessment. How nice it would be if instead of putting a ministry opportunity on an agenda to discuss next month we could call on a group or individual with the talent, time, and ability to encourage, help, show compassion, or simply just visit and talk.

So far, our Gracie Bishop Sunday school class has responded, and I am sure many more will. Read last week’s newsletter and you will see some of those ministry needs I am talking about. Some of these services are already being performed perhaps and there are other areas we have yet to discover. Poplar Springs family thank you for being the presence of Jesus in the world and if you find the time email/text/or call me.

Andy O