Proud To Be Called Bucolic

Proud To Be Called Bucolic

What a joy it is to live in rural, small-town America! The city is ok and I love certain cities. I have discovered that Winston-Salem is about as urban as I get. This is the case because it has been identified by some as too rural. In fact, a couple of years ago a major corporation left Winston because, as they described it – it was too “bucolic.” I was concerned when I heard this criticism of my city. I did not know the meaning of the word but it sounded nasty like it had a bad odor or was infected with some sort of disease. I decided to look up the word and discovered it meant rustic, or rural. Upon discovering the definition I realized if Winston-Salem was too bucolic for corporate America, it was just right for me and my respect grew for this fine city.

In my humble opinion, there is nothing wrong with being a small-town person. Where else can you go and hang out at a service station, or in my case a tire store, and enjoy great conversation and sometimes some good food. I love going to the grocery store and catching up with members of other churches and Poplar Springs family members. There is nothing like eating breakfast at one of our local eating establishments and enjoying that second cup of coffee with friends.

In small-town America, we still plant a summer garden or we know someone who does. Beginning in late June or mid-July you are liable to get a phone call and you may hear a most pleasurable question, ”Do you have any vegetables? I’ve got corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, okra, green beans, onions…Want some?” Many times you may reply as I do, “We’ve got plenty,” and we do.

I received a call from a church family member today and I had to respond, “I have enough, but I know someone who could use those vegetables.” Fellow small-town Americans and associates who are not ashamed to be called bucolic. Keep calling with your offers of vegetables and summer fruits. I may graciously decline but I think we can find a home for your summer produce.

God bless you, generous friends. I am anticipating a number of vegetable donation calls due to the acknowledgment of the generosity of this congregation and your desire to share the blessing. Please call if you need garden produce or if you know of a family who could use the fruits of your loving bucolic labors.

Gotta go now. Floyd and Carolyn just dropped a loaf of fresh bread by my office. Have I mentioned how fortunate we are to live in such a generous environment?

*Anticipating an influx of surplus produce calls in the near future. It is a yearly occurrence. If you want to bring surplus to the church, I will try to secure a table to place on the Cornerstone Porch. Pick up what you need and share what you can!*

Andy O