Welcome to Poplar Springs Baptist Church, and thank you for scanning our website. We hope you will find a wealth of usable information pertaining to our regularly scheduled opportunities for worship, service and fellowship. Hopefully, you will find some special events and information that will appeal to you as well.

At Poplar Springs, we don’t pride ourselves on being the biggest and the best. We don’t engage in extensive marketing campaigns. We simply want to be a place where:

  • You can feel like a part of God’s Family
  • The good news of Jesus is shared
  • You are given opportunities to serve -Worship is a priority
  • Fellowship is encouraged

Are we a perfect church? Not quite! We realize that we are on a spiritual journey together and like the Apostle Paul, we realize we aren’t there yet (see Philippians 3:12-14). We are a congregation that is going to enjoy our earthly pilgrimage by loving God and the people He created. We are a church that likes to laugh and live for the glory of Almighty God.

Come See Us Soon!

Andy Oliver