Folded Cloths in an Empty Tomb

Folded Cloths in an Empty Tomb

One of my first requirements in the Oliver home on the Lord’s Day following services was to take my “Sunday clothes” off, hang up my wild “70’s” multicolored polyester sport coat, find the crease in my synthetic double knit bell bottoms, and hang them on a pants hanger in my closet. It was an expectation on Sunday around 12:45 pm at my house that I fold my clothes.

In the gospel of John, we have an account of folded grave clothes. This was not an expectation of those at the grave site of the savior that Jesus, when he rose from the dead, needed to fold his clothes …in fact the expectations were rather low that day. Mary Magdalene, Peter, and probably John , had expected to find a body. The body of Jesus .

He had told them He would rise from the dead , but that was at a more optimistic time. Now all they were feeling was defeat. Mary arrived at the tomb first and saw the stone rolled away. Her initial reaction …”Grave robbers have taken the body of Jesus!” Mary Magdalene found Peter and John and shared the bad news. So they quickly made their way to the burial cave of the Christ . They saw something that turned John into a believer at that point. The strips of linen looked as if someone had just vanished out of them and the burial cloth around the head of Jesus was neatly folded off by itself. John, the observant one, took notice and it is assumed he thought …”Grave robbers would not be this neat in performing such a despicable act.” He then made the ultimate profession of faith at that time “Jesus came out of those linen mummy clothes in an orderly fashion and He even folded the cloth on his head .” For John this confirmed what Jesus had said when times were good. He said he would be raised to life and John was the first to believe ….all because of some folded clothes .

Remember this the next time you fold your “Sunday Clothes” or even if you are emptying your dryer of all those towels that need to be neatly put away. Make your family think you are crazy while performing these duties as you joyfully proclaim to all within earshot ….”THANK YOU GOD …FOR FOLDED CLOTHES!”

Andy O.