Camp Horison

Camp Horison

Another year of Camp Horison has taken its place in the 2021 history books and as usual, it was another great year. Over the past 10 years of my association with this wonderful camp, I have found a number of yearly adjectives characterizing each annual session of the camp. The descriptive words have ranged from controlled yet chaotic to exciting and challenging. I would like to share with you my adjectives for the 2021 session.

“New and improved“ would be my first impression of camp this year. I took a couple of marketing classes while doing my undergraduate work in college. One item on our syllabus included a discussion of the term “new and improved.” According to my marketing professor, this is a phrase used when demand for a particular product wanes somewhat. Giving the product this designation gives the commodity what might be characterized as a fresh feel and new life. Nicole is a thorough evaluator and planner. She does a tremendous job of seeking input from campers, parents, staff, and others and tries to produce a new and improved “product” every year. This year she employed adult assistants complete with shirts, walkie-talkies, and a tremendous love for the kids. This was a great decision. Nicole was able to be Camp CEO without having to be a human resources director, food superintendent, maintenance manager, and Doctor on call. This enabled her to interact with the kids more, and children in the presence of a more relaxed Nicole produces a most pleasant experience for all the campers, parents, adult leaders, and our wonderful youth group .

I believe that Camp Horison is a success because it an object of prayer, the recipient of hard labor, the product of tremendous leadership, enthusiastic camp staff, and personnel who love others and love God.

Camp Horison continues to get better and better every year. I am already looking forward to the “new and improved” 2022 edition. Thank you, Nicole, and all who served in this tremendous endeavor last week .

I believe God is pleased.
Andy O.

Finishing Strong