A Daunting Task

A Daunting Task

I never knew what “daunting” meant. I heard it used in situations that were challenging to almost impossible. So, I assumed that it referred to a difficult assignment. When all else fails consult Webster’s. So let me drag out my index card as if I am beginning a talk to a local service organization and say, “Webster’s dictionary defines daunting as…” Well, I found the word “daunt” so I will go from there:

DAUNT: to make afraid/to intimidate/to dishearten…see dismay.

It seems as if I am somewhat accurate in my assessment of the meaning of this often used word, and if that be the case and this is the correct definition, I can make a furthermore well-informed statement. So here it is:


This group met last week and I believe the task of finding people to reactivate a church that, like most others, has experienced a level of dormancy over the past year will prove to be a challenging endeavor. We, the church, will need to be patient in our reopening process. There will be a variety of issues to deal with, and it will call for all of us to cooperate and focus on getting operations back to normal and for the most part, getting back to normal involves people. This is where our nominating committee needs our prayers, our support, and our cooperation. They are assigned the duty to get us back in operation through the use of our human resources here at PSBC. When they call take the request seriously and prayerfully consider what you might be able to do to assist them in THE DAUNTING TASK.

I am a firm believer in the call of God and He is calling some of you to take on some responsibilities involved in strengthening the ministries of God’s church at Poplar Springs. Please do not take a responsibility if you plan on being just a name on a page. But instead prayerfully consider what you may be asked to do, seek the guidance of almighty God and let Him use you to be a blessing to His church and community.

Please pray for our nominating committee :
Jimmy Queen, chair; Louis Fisher; Holly Glover; Kim Sterious, vice-chair; Aaron Edwards; Peggy Baker

Thank you Nominating Committee and thank you, Poplar Springs!
Andy O