Posts from March 2019

Posts from March 2019


Additional Sundays Needed

In Joshua chapter 10 you can read about God extending a day in order to facilitate His man Joshua’s victory over the Amorites. These Amorites are not to be confused with the dreaded stalactites who were always hanging around…..but that’s another story for another day. Well anyway, I was wondering if God was able to extend just one day if it would be possible for him to give us a couple of extra weeks in April and May due to…
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A Welcoming Congregation

In my feeble attempts to be funny I sometimes inadvertently offend the unsuspecting victims of my questionable humor and in my attempts to elicit giggles from folks of other cultures and countries, my record is quite blemished. In fact, it’s down-right scary when I throw caution to the wind, crack a little “southern funny” complete with a story or two told in my native tongue, “Gaffanese” (a form of English spoken by those of us from Gaffney, SC) only to…
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Heavenly Business

I would love to tell you that the most exciting and life-changing events on the church calendar are our bi-monthly church business conferences. I wish I could guarantee visions and mighty works of God just by showing up. I’m afraid I could be stretching the truth, maybe lying, if I said you would emerge from this meeting of the Baptist brethren and sistern with the glow Moses received after he met God on the mountain. For some church folks, the…
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Curious Rocks

The following is an update of an old article I wrote back in 1997. Please forgive me for sharing old stuff. I realized a long time ago that I can’t re-preach a previously proclaimed message. I have a hard enough time preaching them the first time. But old newsletter articles are not a problem to re-submit if they are “good ‘uns.” Also, I was more creative and insightful in my earlier days. So here’s a reheated one for you: I…