Camp HoriSon

Camp HoriSon is a camp unique to Poplar Springs that was created to give students a camp experience without having to pay a lot of money or leave home for a week. Each summer for one week students can pay a small fee and come everyday from 9:00 until 3:30 and participate in worship, Bible study, small group Bible study, snacks, games, lunch, and daily adventures off campus.

The most important aspect of Camp HoriSon is the focus that is put on learning about God and our relationship with Him. Poplar Springs wants each of its campers to have a chance to engage in scripture deeper than they would have time to in Sunday School. As rising 2rd through 6th graders, these students are at an age where they are thirsty and eager to learn more about why we go to church.

Camp HoriSon is a great camp to be a part of whether you are a camper, a youth worker, or an adult volunteer. It is a week of fun-filled activities, great food, and spiritual development.